Heating Element 6kw 2.02.180

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Heating Element 6kw 2.02.180

This heating element is mounted on its own 4 whole flange / backing plate.

This is a flange plate with Two 3000KW elements attached .

So all you have to do is undo the four bolt’s on the flange of the burnt out element and replace with the knew one.

Part number 2.02.180

We Recommend replacing the heating element gasket Part No 3.06.050

To be used in Stirovap Model 223.

The 6kw element will get the steam generator up to working pressure quickly.

It will also maintain the working pressure even when 4 irons are being used constantly.


Heating Element 6kw 2.02.180

Two 3000kw heating elements bolted onto a 4 hole flange plate.

Heating Element suitable for Stirovap automatic steam generators and similar models.

Stirovap boiler model it’s installed in.

Stirovap 223.

Part number 2.02.180

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Weight 1000 g

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