DB2-B791 Needle Feed

Here at Trojan Sewing Machines we industrial sewing machine parts for the DB2-B791 Needle Feed Sewing Machine. Some of the product parts that we sell are; Adjustable Binder Presser Feet Needle Feeds, Aluminium Bobbins & Bobbin Cases, Needle Bars, Check Springs, Corner Rubbers, Feed Dogs and many more parts on offer. All of the products and product parts that we sell at Trojan Sewing Machines are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced. Be sure to browse the other quality product and product parts that we have.

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  • Brother Needle Bar 118685-001(16×231) Needle

    £11.85 +VAT
  • Brother Needle Bar Thread Guide 151594-001

    £2.35 +VAT
  • Brother Needle Plate 147954-001

    £7.59 +VAT
  • Brother Presser Foot Bar 111466-001

    £7.20 +VAT
  • Hook & Base Hirose Large Capacity HSM-A

    £92.00 +VAT
  • Hook & Base Large Capacity HSM-A

    £69.00 +VAT
  • Juki Needle Feed Feed Dog D-1609-415-B00

    £12.18 +VAT
  • Juki Needle Plate 113-00308

    £15.75 +VAT
  • Needle Feed Bobbin Case 149063-001

    £5.40 +VAT
  • Needle Feed Bobbin Case BC-DLN

    £6.40 +VAT
  • Needle Feed Feed Dog Heavy Duty S13102-101

    £6.50 +VAT
  • Needle Feed Feed Dog S01989-001

    £16.50 +VAT
  • Needle Feed Hook & Base HSH7.94BRN

    £36.67 +VAT
  • Needle Feed Hook and Base Hirose HSH7.94BRNH

    £43.41 +VAT
  • Needle Plate S01988-001

    £12.59 +VAT