Roller Foot

Roller Foot

Roller Foot or Wheel Feed presser foot, are popular foot used in the leather industry for close intricate work when you want to get, or make a seam close to the edge of bag work. Also used a lot in the shoe making or repair industry.

A wheel feed foot also give you a good visual aspect of what you are actually sewing. This foot is mounted on to the presser bar of any single foot industrial sewing machine. Be it post bed, Cylinder arm, or Plain sewer / Flat bed. Used on single needle plain sewers & needle feed machines.

Wheel feed foot can be supplied in to sizes large 28mm & Small size 22mm

These Serrated Roller Presser Feet are perfect for sewing Leather, Nylon, Plastics, Foam Rubber, Laminated Fabric/Material, etc.

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  • Larger Roller Presser Foot 12267

    £ 7.95 +VAT
  • Roller / Narrow Needle Plate 12438

    £ 2.85 +VAT
  • Single Row Teeth / Feed Dog 12436

    £ 4.70 +VAT
  • Small Roller Presser Foot 12264

    £ 7.50 +VAT
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