Here at Trojan Sewing Machines, we have a wide range of industrial sewing machine product parts and accessories to choose from. These Knee Lift’s are our top sellers; Juki Knee Lift Rods, Knee Lift Assembly, Knee Lift Pad, Knee Lifters and Knee Lift Rubber Pads. All of the products, parts and accessories that we sell at Trojan Sewing Machines are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced. Be sure to find the perfect products that suite your needs today.

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  • Brother Knee Lift Assembly SB1602-001

    £11.00 +VAT
  • Brother Knee-lift Plunger – 145573-001

    £2.90 +VAT
  • Jack Knee Lifter Crank 10112027

    £2.74 +VAT
  • Juki Knee Lift Assembly 213-43157

    £18.55 +VAT
  • Juki Knee Lifter Rod 110-24304

    £2.08 +VAT
  • Juki Knee Lifter Rod 229-31703

    £2.08 +VAT
  • Juki Knee Lifter Rod B3421-552-0A0

    £2.87 +VAT
  • Juki Round Knee Lift Rubber Pad 229-34509

    £3.50 +VAT
  • Knee lift kit 181427-001

    £11.00 +VAT
  • Knee lift Pad 150668

    £2.02 +VAT
  • Knee Lifter Complete 228368

    £15.00 +VAT
  • Knee Lifter Pad 0223000486

    £39.41 +VAT
  • Round Knee Lift Rubber Pad 140503-001

    £2.20 +VAT
  • Sewing Machine Treadle Chain KY21-A

    £2.81 +VAT
  • Singer Knee Lift Assembly 2777H

    £10.95 +VAT
  • Table Top / Desk Top Blind Stitch Knee Lift

    £27.08 +VAT