At Trojan Sewing Machines, we have a wide range of product, parts and accessories for Unit Stands and Bench Tops. We have a wide range of Machine Hinge’s & Rubber Corner Cushions accessories to choose from. Some of the accessories we have are; Bench Rubbers, Corner Rubbers, Corner Rubbers and Metal Head Hinges. All of the products, parts and accessories we have at Trojan Sewing are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced.

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  • Bench Metal Hinge Rubber 143910-001

    £1.19 +VAT
  • Black Corner Rubber 146003-001

    £0.40 +VAT
  • Brass Barrel Hinges

    £4.21 +VAT
  • Corner Oil Sump Rubber Front HA300J2050

    £2.99 +VAT
  • Corner Oil Sump Rubber Front MF70A0419

    £1.24 +VAT
  • Corner Oil Sump Rubber Front MF70A1419

    £1.21 +VAT
  • Corner Oil Sump Rubber Rear HA300J2060

    £1.99 +VAT
  • Corner Rubber 148890-101

    £0.40 +VAT
  • Global Machine Corner Mountings GC1004

    £5.94 +VAT
  • Head Hinge 148882-001

    £2.89 +VAT
  • Juki DDL Front Corner Rubber 110-75900

    £2.85 +VAT
  • Machine Hinge HA110J0701

    £1.80 +VAT
  • Machine Hinge 143882-001

    £0.80 +VAT
  • Sewing Machine Hinge Hook 202258

    £1.80 +VAT
  • Table hinge hook Singer 12361

    £1.96 +VAT
  • Table Hinge Plate 202259

    £1.50 +VAT