Scissors Cutting, Rotary Blades, Mats & Thread Snips

Scissors, Cutting Mats, Rotary Blades, Thread Snips

What ever you need, Call us and we’ll get it to you quickly from our vast range of Shears. Take a look at the range on the pages below to see what’s available to help you achieve a better quality pair of Shears or sharp snips. Rotary Blades and Cutting Mats all available from stock…

Here at Trojan Sewing UK we can supply:
High quality Dressmaking Shears, Tailors Shears, Pinking Shears, Rotary Cutters Thread Snips.

All of our Products, parts and accessories that we have on the Trojan Sewing website are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced. Be sure to browse our many other parts and accessories to find your perfect ones today.

If you have any additional questions or enquiries, please email on or give us a call on 01516779244 today.

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