Leather Belting

Here at Trojan Sewing Machines, we have a wide range of Leather Belting accessories to choose from. The various sizes that we have are; 5mm,- 3/16 and  8mm,- 5/16  various 15B Belt Hook and Treadle Round Leather Belting – 5mm.- 3/16. The cow hide belting is on a roll so you can have any lenght required. We also supply a wide range of endless usually black V belts for your industrial sewing machine. The black V belt is usually the belt that is commonly used on most sewing machine. Before ordering any belt please have the size you need to hand. All of the products, parts and accessories that we have at Trojan Sewing are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced. Be sure to browse the other accessories that we have in stock and order from us today.

If you have any additional questions or enquires, please click here to email or give us a call today on 01516779244.

  • 40040-3/16 = 5mm Round Leather Belting

    £2.84 +VAT
  • 40040-5/16 = 8mm Round Leather Belting

    £2.84 +VAT
  • 425/6 Round Leather Belt Pliers

    £23.22 +VAT
  • Round Leather Belting 40040-1/4= 6mm

    £2.84 +VAT
  • Round Leather Belting Belt Hook – 15B

    £0.10 +VAT
  • Round Leather Belting Small Belt Hook-17B

    £0.10 +VAT
  • Treadle Round Leather Belting B111-3/16 = 5mm

    £3.90 +VAT