Hemmers/Binders are a bracket that mounts onto the flat bed of most industrial sewing machines that have a “flat bed sewing surface” as part of their casting. Also all have two threaded holes drilled into the bed just right of the sewing needle to fix the bracket onto the bed.
This is a large family of usually hemmers Single upturn A7SU, Single downturn A7SD.
A11 Full fold hemmers. A43 Latch Elastic, A50 Ball hemmers, A78 Latch hemmer.
Also A4S Single fold binders, A1S Doudle fold binders, A5 Belt loop binders.

So when you not using the hemmer / binder you can simply “swing the hemmer / binder out of the way. This makes a much more usable and handy guide to use,rather than the standard fixed mounted hemmer / binderwhich you have to bolt down and remove every time the hemmer / binder is not in use.
Will fit most types of flatbed / Walking Foot & Needle Feed machines use with 286S thumb screw.

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