Steam Generators 1.8KW

Here at Trojan Sewing we are pleased to announce that we have both the stirovap big steam 3 steam generator in stock. Also the Italian Unika,
These steam generators are neat and compact units that weighs in between 8kg / 10.5 kg.
This makes the units ideal to use in sample rooms and small workshops. These steam generators have been purchased by alteration shops, ironing services, bridal wear studios, soft furnishing workshops and theatre wardrobe departments.

All of our products that we offer at Trojan Sewing is always of the highest possible quality and is fairly priced for our customers.

If you have any questions or enquires, click here to email us or call 01516779244.

  • Steam Boiler Stirovap Big Steam 3

    £360.00 +VAT
  • Steam Boiler Unika With Industrial Iron

    £295.00 +VAT