Steam Generator 3KW

Trojan Sewing Machines proudly offers the DL-5 Steam Generator, a trusted and industry-leading solution for steam ironing. With years of proven performance, this combination of steam iron and generator delivers exceptional results day in and day out.

The DL-5 Steam Generator operates at an impressive pressure of 4 bar, a level typically achieved only by much larger boilers. Despite its high performance, this unit remains affordable, providing excellent value for money. Additionally, an optional unit stand is available for added convenience.

At Trojan, we prioritize quality and affordability in all our products. Our DL-5 Steam Generator is no exception, consistently delivering top-notch performance at a fair price.

Explore the various specifications and descriptions of our Steam Generators today, and secure your industry-leading steam generator while stocks last.
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  • Steam Generator 4 LITER DL-5

    £399.00 +VAT