Stirovap 400

Stirovap 400 pressing table, is an industrial heated vacuum rectangular table that features a temperature controlled system that can be adjusted to 0 – 120 degrees.With this sort of heat you will be sure to have a dry pressing surface all day everyday.. Plus this table can be folded away for easy storage.

All of our pressing / vacuum tables require no installation as all run off 240volt electricity supply and use a standard three pin 13amp plug.

For further additional information in regards to specifications about this pressing table, please click the product. All of the product and product parts are of the highest quality and is always fairly priced, this pressing table is no exception.

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  • Pressing Table Model 400 Stirovap

    Heated Vacuum Rectangular Table.

    Temperature controlled by an adjustable thermostat 0 -120 degrees.

    Manufactured following new European rules with adjustable height of 3 different positions.

    Model 1A06/400 Has a thermostat protector on the heating element of the board,against higher temperatures as a guarantee for total safety.

    £550.00 +VAT