Stirovap 231

Stirovap 231

Stirovap 231 6KW steam generator parts. Trojan Sewing offers a wide range of parts for both the 231 and 223 5KW models. Some of the product parts that we offer are; Heating elements, Water regulating float systems, Pedrollo PQM 81water Pump. None return valve body. Pressure Switches, on/off switches 4 & 6 spades. CEME solenoid valves, Water solinoid valves, Gaskets,Contactors. Internal water tanks. Basically all the parts you need to keep your boiler in good working order.

All of the products we have on offer are always consistent when it comes to quality and they are always fair when it comes to pricing. Be sure to browse the products that we have to see the various specifications and descriptions of the products.

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  • Bipolar (Main On & Off) Switch 25A 4.08.030

    25Amp Main Bipolar on / off switch.

    Used extensively though out the Stirovap 200 range of boilers.

    Also generally used on Italian boilers.

    Part number 4.08.030

    £23.29 +VAT
  • Black Water Pump Tube 3.26.200

    This black tube connects between the water pump and the non return valve which connects directly onto the generator.

    Part number 3.26.200

    This hose has a metal braiding inside.

    £4.60 +VAT
  • Drain Valve DL5-A21

    The steam generator drain valve.

    Part number DL5-A21

    Please ensure that there is absolutely no pressure in the boiler before you open this valve. A good way to ensure there is no steam pressure within the system is to release all the pressure though the pressure cap and remove the pressure cap before opening this valve.

    Always ensure that the boiler is switch off & disconnected from the electricity before attempting any maintenance on this boiler.

    £16.85 +VAT
  • Harting Plug for Steam Irons

    Harting Plug for Steam Irons 4.14.030

    Harting connection plug.
    Plug for Iron 3 poles + Earth.

    This plug is the industry standard Industrial Steam Iron plug.

    240 volt rating

    Extremely well made well insulated plug.

    £7.50 +VAT
  • Harting Socket for Steam Generators

    Harting Socket for Steam Generators 4.14.031

    Harting connection Socket.

    Part No 4.14.031
    Socket for Iron 3 poles + Earth.

    This is the standard Industrial Steam Iron & Generator Socket.

    240 volt rating

    Extremely well made well insulated plug.

    £7.50 +VAT
  • Heating Element 2.02.170 5kw

    This heating element is mounted on its own 4 whole flange / backing plate.

    This is a flange plate with Two 2500KW elements attached .

    So all you have to do is undo the four bolt’s on the flange of the burnt out element and replace with the knew one.

    Part number 2.02.170

    We Recommend replacing the heating element gasket Part No 3.06.050

    To be used in Stirovap Model 213.

    The 5kw element will get the steam generator up to working pressure quickly.

    It will also maintain the working pressure even when 2 irons are being used constantly.

    £80.50 +VAT
  • Main Contactor 25A Switch 4.08.040

    25Amp Main contactor switch.

    Used extensively though out the Stirovap 200 range of boilers.

    Also generally used on Italian boilers.

    Part number 4.08.040

    £43.70 +VAT
  • Non Return Valve Body 3.05.010

    Non return hot water valve for the Stirovap 200 series.

    This valve fits between the water pump solenoid valve and the steam generator to prevent the steam going back through to the water tank.

    £41.40 +VAT
  • Poppers / Plunger For Solenoid 4.09.170

    Stirovap Popper / Plunger insert for Ceme Solenoid Valves.

    This internal part of the solenoid valve will lift to release steam when the solenoid coil is activated.

    Should your industrial steam iron release steam without the micro-switch being activated we recommend changing this part.

    Standard Popper: 13mm Wide – 31mm Height

    Part number 4.09.170

    £11.50 +VAT
  • Pressure Gauge 4.06.040

    Stirovap Steam Pressure gauge complete.

    For the Steam Generators models,

    Stirovap 213

    Stirovap 223

    Part number 4.06.040

    £20.70 +VAT
  • Pressure Switch 4.07.110

    The XP110 steam pressure switch is one that can be triggered once the steam pressure inside the boiler reaches a high point. This will trigger the vessel’s elements to switch off. If the pressure switch is not functioning accordingly, there is a great chance that the heating elements will continue staying on.

    This will then result to more problems, including the possibilities of building higher pressure on the vessel thus causing it to release the safety pressure value and make the steam generator unusable.

    £29.90 +VAT
  • Solenoid coil CEME 4.09.070

    Stirovap CEME Solenoid coil.

    The ceme solenoid is an extremely tough piece of kit.

    Part number 4.09.07

    Solenoid 99RM Series 1/4″

    Direct acting 2/2 way NC

    Seals Material EPDM

    Working Pressure up to 11.00 Bar

    £11.50 +VAT