Plugs Leads Sockets, Steam Hoses.

Plugs Leads & Sockets

Trojan Sewing offer a wide range of plugs, sockets, steam hoses and leads for a wide range of Industrial steam irons, Used on commercial pressing equipment stations.

All of the products that we have on offer are of the highest possible quality and is always fairly priced. Some of the other products that we have on offer to keep your Iron in working order…; Jubilee Clips for the steam hose, Heat resistant Silicone Mat, Steam Iron harting 4 pin Plugs and sockets. Braided silicon steam hose(s). the hose can be cut to standard 2.5 meter lengths, or cut off a roll so any length you require.

Be sure to browse the array of products that we have to see the various specifications and product descriptions.

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  • Braided Steam Hose 0.70.060

    Stirovap Turbo Vapore EPDM steam hose used for electric irons.

    Part number 0.70.060

    Sold in a industry standard 2.5 meter lengths

    Available in different lengths as required.

    Just ask …..

    £13.80 +VAT
  • EZ-OFF Hot Iron base cleaner

    Removes starch, scorch, soil and foreign residue from all hot metal ironing surfaces.

    Safe for metals,Fabric and Skin, Non-Flammable

    Cleans while the metal is hot.

    £7.19 +VAT
  • Four Core Cable 4.33.430

    Stirovap electrical iron 4 core cable.

    Part number 4.33.430


    Comes in standard 2.5 meter length’s.

    Any length available just ask…


    £16.10 +VAT
  • Harting Plug for Steam Irons

    Harting Plug for Steam Irons 4.14.030

    Harting connection plug.
    Plug for Iron 3 poles + Earth.

    This plug is the industry standard Industrial Steam Iron plug.

    240 volt rating

    Extremely well made well insulated plug.

    £7.50 +VAT
  • Harting Socket for Steam Generators

    Harting Socket for Steam Generators 4.14.031

    Harting connection Socket.

    Part No 4.14.031
    Socket for Iron 3 poles + Earth.

    This is the standard Industrial Steam Iron & Generator Socket.

    240 volt rating

    Extremely well made well insulated plug.

    £7.50 +VAT
  • Portable Steamer Steam Hose and Head DI5000-K45

    Portable Steamer Steam Hose and Head Dl5000-K45


    Nozzle Heating Element 380w

    New Design Prevents Water Drops at Nozzle

    Part No DL5000-K45

    4Pin Harting Plug

    Fully enclosed braided steam hose and 4 core cable.

    Steam Head has detectable brush / bristle attachment.

    Steam Head has comfortable handle

    Button on steam head allows you to control when to release the steam.

    £85.59 +VAT
  • Silicone Mat 4.45.171

    Stirovap silicone Iron rest with feet used for electric steam irons.

    Part number 4.45.171

    Used though out the pressing industry.

    Red / black in colour heat resistant. Keeps your Ironing board cover scorch free.

    This mat features an anti-slip surface for increased safety and stability.

    £5.75 +VAT
  • Steam Hose Jubilee clips 7.10.310

    Jubilee clips

    Used to tighten on the steam hose on to the bayonet fitting on the Iron and the

    steam generator.

    Prevents steam leakage from the steam hose at either end.

    Also known as ABA hose clamp.

    Part No 7.10.310

    £1.84 +VAT