At Trojan Sewing Machines, we provide a comprehensive selection of industrial steam iron parts specifically tailored for the DL96 Gravity Feed Steam Iron. Our inventory includes high-quality components essential for maintaining and repairing your steam iron, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Some of the industrial steam iron parts we offer for the DL96 Gravity Feed Steam Iron include:
Teflon Shoe: Protects the soleplate of the iron and prevents sticking to fabrics during ironing.
Jubilee Clips: Securely fasten hoses and other components to ensure a tight seal and prevent leaks.
Four-pin Harting Plugs & Sockets: Essential electrical connectors for powering the steam iron.
Thermostat and Temperature Dial: Regulates the iron’s temperature to suit different fabric types and ironing needs.
Heating Elements: Provides the necessary heat for steam generation and ironing.
Braided Steam Hose: Transports steam from the boiler to the iron, available in set lengths or custom lengths as needed.
Braided Four-core Cable: Ensures reliable electrical connections and power supply to the iron.
All of the industrial steam iron parts we offer are meticulously selected for their quality and durability. We ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards to deliver consistent performance and reliability.

Additionally, our parts are competitively priced to provide excellent value for our customers. Whether you’re in need of replacement parts or upgrading your steam iron components, you can trust Trojan Sewing Machines to deliver top-notch products at fair prices.

We encourage you to explore our range of industrial steam iron parts to find the specific components you need. Each product listing includes detailed specifications and descriptions to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions. At Trojan Sewing Machines, we are committed to meeting your industrial sewing equipment needs with quality products and exceptional service.

If you have any further questions click here to email us or phone us on 0151 677 9244 today. 

  • DL96-1 Water Bottle Set With Valve

    £15.00 +VAT
  • DL96-2 Hose Set

    £8.80 +VAT
  • DL96-4 Stream Switch Assembly

    £9.90 +VAT
  • DL96-5 Hand Handle Module

    £14.80 +VAT
  • DL96-6-1 Back Cover

    £12.94 +VAT
  • DL96-6-2 On/Off Switch

    £4.60 +VAT
  • DL96-8 Thermostat

    £13.00 +VAT
  • DL96-9 Iron Cover Assembly

    £11.70 +VAT
  • Ironmaster DL-85TN Teflon Shoe 4A102

    £15.50 +VAT
  • Ironmaster DL-96 Teflon Shoe

    £15.50 +VAT