At Trojan Sewing machines,
We host a wide range of Industrial Irons from; Italian to Chinese. We also have Gravity Feed Irons, Upright Curtain/garment streamers in stock.
The irons that we have in stock are the; Budget Iron DL-80 class, DL-96 Gravity Feed Iron, Italian Ferro 180 and the world class Italian Iron Master.

Industrial ironing equipment for heavy duty use – Professional Ironing, fully automatic steam generator complete with 2 steam irons for continuous use.

All of which are incredible quality for the fair price that we offer. Be sure to browse the different irons that we have to see the different descriptions and specifications of each iron. Every product that we sell at Trojan Sewing is of the highest quality and is perfect for the price.

If you have any further questions click here to email us or phone us on 0151 677 9244 today.


  • Industrial Steam Iron DL-81TN (Light Weight)

    £90.71 +VAT