Gravity Feed Iron DL-96

This Industrial Gravity Feed Iron (DL-96) is a high quality, low cost pressing tool that is the perfect solution for your sewing needs. From; small workshops, studios, and curtain MFC. It is also an ideal replacement for Hashima, Silver Star or Daewood Units at a fraction of the cost. Every product that we sell at Trojan Sewing Machines is of the highest possible quality and is always fairly priced.

What is included:

Water container
Hanging Hook
High temperature Placemat


Voltage: 230V
Wattage: 1200W
Weight: 2.3KG
Sole-plate Size: 201x113mm
Sole-plate: Surface Teflon coated

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  • Gravity Feed Steam Iron DL-96

    DL-96 Gravity Feed Steam Iron

    The Low Cost Alternative for Small Workshops Alteration & Tailoring Shops.

    Gravity Feed Steam Irons work on the principle that water is held in a container generally placed 80-100cms above the iron. The flow is controlled by an Electronic Valve, which only allows water into the steam chamber when the Actuator Button is pressed resulting in a jet of steam being produced by the Iron.
    Robust Construction from Quality Japanese & Korean Parts, this Iron is the ideal Solution for Small Workshops, Studios & Shops.
    Fast ‘Warm-up’ Thermostat Control means your iron is ready to use in just a couple of minutes.
    Also Ideal Replacement for your HASHIMA, SILVER STAR or DAEWOO UNIT at a Fraction of the cost.

    Optional Extra Teflon Shoe £15.50 Part No 4A121


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