Garment Steamer

Here at Trojan Sewing machines we offer two types of Portable Steamers; the DL-2000 Professional valet cloths steamer. DL-5000 Industrial clothes / fabric steamer. All so we supply the Speedy Steam Brush which works with the Stirovap range of industrial steam generators.

The DL-5000 Is unique in that it Automatically pumps water under pressure into the boiler unit.

This enables the unit to have continuous use. With no down time between releasing the steam pressure within the unit to allow you to fill up with cold water. Then wait till the boiler runs up to working pressure. All a major inconvenience when time is money. Or the job has to go out.

All of the products that we offer at Trojan Sewing machines are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced against the quality of the product. Be sure to browse the products to see the various descriptions and specifications of the products.

If you have any further questions or enquires that you may have, please click here to email us, or call us on 01516779244 / 01516779244.

  • EZ-OFF Hot Iron base cleaner

    Removes starch, scorch, soil and foreign residue from all hot metal ironing surfaces.

    Safe for metals,Fabric and Skin, Non-Flammable

    Cleans while the metal is hot.

    £7.19 +VAT
  • Portable Steamer DL-2000

    New to our range is the DL-2000 Upright Steamer.

    Perfect for steaming Hanging Garments or Curtains.

    Ideal for freshening up hire formal wear.

    All generators mentioned are individually tested before selling.

    Call for Price
  • Portable Steamer DL-5000

    At last a PORTABLE STEAMER that delivers, we are very happy to show you our DL5000 Steamer unit.

    Ideal for steaming Hanging Garments and Curtains or Upholstery.

    Auto-Refill for the busy customer. The DL5000 automatically refills the stainless steel boiler unit under pressure. So there is no down time when using this unit.

    1800watt element runs the pressure in the boiler at 3.5 bar. More than enough pressure to deliver plenty of steam.

    Button on steam head allows you to control when to release the steam.

    All generators mentioned are individually tested before selling.

    £429.00 +VAT
  • Portable Steamer Steam Hose and Head DI5000-K45

    Portable Steamer Steam Hose and Head Dl5000-K45


    Nozzle Heating Element 380w

    New Design Prevents Water Drops at Nozzle

    Part No DL5000-K45

    4Pin Harting Plug

    Fully enclosed braided steam hose and 4 core cable.

    Steam Head has detectable brush / bristle attachment.

    Steam Head has comfortable handle

    Button on steam head allows you to control when to release the steam.

    £85.59 +VAT