Trojan Supply Seiko Sewing Machines.
Seiko have a proven history & pedigree that is of long standing reliability.
Seiko Zig Zag Models, Two Three & Four Point, large hook, top & bottom feed. high speed

Seiko LZ2-990 Zig Zag Sewing Machine.
Single needle, Light to medium duty, Large horizontal axis hook, Reverse stitch, Zig-zag stitch(Lockstitch) machines
2-point(1-step) zig-zag
Upper & lower feed
3-point(2-step) zig-zag
Drop feed
Upper & lower feed
4-point(3-step) zig-zag
Drop feed
Upper & lower feed

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  • Seiko LZ2 Series Zig Zag Lockstitch Machine

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  • Seiko LZ2-990-2N Zig Zag (One Step)

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  • Seiko SKZ Series Heavy Duty Zig Zag Lockstitch

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