Lockstitch / Plain Sewer

Trojan Supply Juki Lockstitch / Plain Sewers Sewing Machines.

Juki have a large extensive range of Lockstitch & Needle Feed sewing machines.
This range covers anything up to a impressive 23 classifications with multiple types of machines with in each class…
From light medium to heavy duty machines..,
Variation with in the classifications, cover all conceivable combinations large hook, Fully Automatic, Digital,
Needle feed,Side trimmers Double Capaticy Hooks for heavy thread, Pneumatics,Puller feed. All with the legendary Juki build quality.
Basically if you have a sewing operation that needs a Plain Sewer or Needle Feed sewing machine, Trojan & Juki have the answers.
So get your self a cup of coffee look though the range. If you need help just get in touch with the experts…
If you have any additional questions, email info@trojansewing.co.uk or phone 01516779244.

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