Trojan Supply Juki Sewing Machines.

Juki have a large extensive range of Heavy Duty & Extra Heavy Duty sewing machines.
This range covers anything up to a impressive 10 classifications with multiple types of machines with in each class…
From light medium to heavy & long arm extra heavy duty machines..,
Variation with in the classifications, large hook, Fully Automatic, Digital,
Walking foot,Needle feed,Drop in bobbin,Shuttle driven for heavy thread,
Pneumatic s,Puller feed. All with Juki legendary build quality.
Basically if you have a sewing operation that needs a Compound / Walking Foot sewing machine, Trojan & Juki have the answers.
So get your self a cup of coffee look though the range. If you need help just get in touch with the experts…
If you have any additional questions, email [email protected] or phone 01516779244.

Download our manual here

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    Juki Extra Heavy Duty Machine TNU-243

    Juki TNU-243 Walking Foot / Unison-feed

    This machine is extra heavy duty but not monster class.

    The machine comes with a large shuttle-hook. So you can use heavy gauge threads.

    Plus its got a large bobbin.

    An Impressive 20mm foot lift, this helps a lot to get the work in & out of the machine.

    Large stitch size at 15mm

    Good under arm clearance at 420mm

    Comes complete on top quality brinaco standwith wheels,plus quality table top Size 105 x 60 x 4 

    Good all round machine that’s a little easier to use.

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