Trojan Supply Juki Feed Off The Arm & Flat lock Sewing Machines.

Juki have a full range of Industrial high speed extremely durable two & three needle feed off the arm & Flatlock Sewing machines with direct drive option.
Juki Feed Off The Arm
Juki MS-1190
Twin needle, double thread chainstitch, for light to medium weight fabrics
Juki MS-1261
Three needle, double thread chainstitch, for medium to heavy weight fabrics

Juki FlatLock
Juki MF3620
Belt driven 4 needle feed off the arm, flatseamer, top & bottom cover.
Juki MF MF3620-B
Direct Drive 4 needle feed off the arm, flatseamer, top & bottom cover.

All feed off the arm & flatlock’s are well designed modern machines with the legendary Juki build quality.

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  • Juki Feed Off The Arm Three Needle MS-1261

    Juki Feed Off The Arm Three Needle MS-1261

    Juki 3 Needle, Feed Off The Arm, two thread chainstitch MF-1261

    The Juki MS-1261 is the leading double chainstitch machine for heavy-weight materials and achieves higher efficiency in operation and higher quality of finished products.

    The looper tucks the thread without fail, thereby preventing stitch skipping.

    The placement of the feed mechanism has been charged to decrease the feed amount when the needle enters the material, thus preventing the needle from bending. The bobbin thread is clamped without fail, thereby producing consistent thread loops. The looper tucks the needle thread without fail, thereby finishing uniform seams.

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  • Juki MF3620

    Juki Flatlock 4 Needle Feed Off The Arm Top & Bottom Cover MF-3620

    Juki MF3620 Series

    4-needle, Feed-off-the-arm, Flatseamers, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

    If you are going down this road your going to need a well built machine that’s going to last….

    We are delighted to announce that new subclass models have been added; one model is best-suited to the sewing of hard-to-sew materials with multi directional elasticity such as swimwear, while another model is for the prevention of uneven feed of the tape-attached parts of boxer briefs and running shirts to provide more consistent seam quality.

    In addition, the multi-purpose type subclass model which is able to perform both one-side cutting and both-sides cutting has also been added, intended for sewing plants engaged in the sewing of diversified sewing items

    Optional Genuine Juki Extra’s

    Part No 400-74871 Chain Off Thread Trimmer Set £1186.00

    Part No 400-74870 Presser Foot Lifter Set £622.00

    Part No 400-74872 Cloth Chip Suction Set £1083.00 



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