Trojan Supply Juki Chainstitch & Coverstitch Sewing Machines.

Juki have a full range of Industrial high speed extremely durable single / twin needle chainstitch sewing machine. Also in the same vain Coverstitch three needle standard, fully automatic, cylinder arm, semi dry heads, direct drive,

Single Needle Chainstitch
Juki MH-481
Drop feed ,Standard work horse machine..but very fast..
Juki MN-484
Differential feed, High-speed, Chainstitch machine – latest design
Juki MH-486-5
Top & Bottom variable feed.
Twin Needle Chainstitch
Juki MH-380
Parallel Needle
Juki MH-382
Tandem Needle

Juki MF-7500
Standard top & bottom coverstitch.
Juki MF-7500-DU11-UT
Semi dry head- under bed trimmer.
Juki MF-7900
Cylinder arm.

All Juki Coverstitch & Chainstitch are well designed modern machines with the legendary Juki build quality.

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  • Juki 3-Needle 2 Chainstitch Machine MS3580

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    Feed-off-the-arm, 3-needle Double Chainstitch Machine

    This Juki MS-3580 Series demonstrates increased feed efficiency to handle extra heavy weight 16-ply denim. Engineered with extra feeding strength for seaming the inside of jeans:


    Smooth, efficient feeding of extra heavy weight 16-Ply, 14 oz denim for seaming inside seams.

    Strong feeding mechanism of the puller
    The puller incorporates a one-way clutch mechanism which contributes to consistent feeding of the material. (The mechanical part is protected by a cover for added safety.)

    Thread take-up device which helps produce even stitches with consistency
    The feeding amount of needle thread is automatically adjusted to the pressure foot height during sewing, thereby producing even stitches with consistency.

    The machine has been designed to achieve the best possible ease of threading.
    When the looper pushbutton (*) located on the operator side of the top of the machine head is pushed, the tip of the looper moves downward to allow the operator to thread the machine head with ease.

    The differential feed adjusting lever is located on the front face of the machine head.
    The differential feed adjusting lever can be adjusted even during sewing, thereby effectively preventing cloth slippage between two plies.

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  • Juki MF7500

    Juki Coverstitch Direct Drive MF-7500

    The Juki MF-7500 Series

    Direct Drive 3 needle top & bottom cover.

    Is a newly developed coverstitch machine provided with lots of mechanisms for improving the seam quality.
    It is provided with many different sewing-related mechanisms which contribute to improved seam quality, such as the new feed mechanism, and differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism.

    In addition, the machine is provided as standard with a looper thread twining prevention mechanism for improved maintenance.

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  • Juki Double Chainstitch Machine MH380

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    High-speed, Flat-bed, Double needle, Double Chainstitch Machine


    JUKI ensures high-quality sewing with a higher degree of consistency with its unique looper mechanism and consistent condensation stitching mechanism.

    The Juki MH-380 ensures outstanding reliability and durability.
    It comes with JUKI’s unique inclined crank type looper mechanism. You can use the sewing machine for a long time without ever worrying about looper failure.

    The Juki MH-380 is capable of performing consistent condensation stitching, ensuring finished seams of higher quality.
    You can easily set the machine to perform condensation stitching by operating the lever. Condensation stitches that prevent the thread from fraying can be consistently sewn.

    Stitch length can be adjusted with ease.
    The Juki MH-380 incorporates a stitch dial for adjusting the stitch length. This means you can adjust the stitch length as desired without difficulty

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  • Juki MF3620

    Juki Flatlock 4 Needle Feed Off The Arm Top & Bottom Cover MF-3620

    Juki MF3620 Series

    4-needle, Feed-off-the-arm, Flatseamers, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine

    If you are going down this road your going to need a well built machine that’s going to last….

    We are delighted to announce that new subclass models have been added; one model is best-suited to the sewing of hard-to-sew materials with multi directional elasticity such as swimwear, while another model is for the prevention of uneven feed of the tape-attached parts of boxer briefs and running shirts to provide more consistent seam quality.

    In addition, the multi-purpose type subclass model which is able to perform both one-side cutting and both-sides cutting has also been added, intended for sewing plants engaged in the sewing of diversified sewing items

    Optional Genuine Juki Extra’s

    Part No 400-74871 Chain Off Thread Trimmer Set £1186.00

    Part No 400-74870 Presser Foot Lifter Set £622.00

    Part No 400-74872 Cloth Chip Suction Set £1083.00 



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  • Juki Newly Developed Coverstitch MF7900

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    High-speed, Cylinder-bed, Top & Bottom Coverstitch Machine

    The Juki MF-7900 Series is a newly developed coverstitch machine provided with lots of mechanisms for improving the seam quality:

    Thanks to the new feed mechanism, many different types of sewing are achieved and responsiveness to sewing materials is improved.

    Micro-lifter mechanism

    Elastic material or delicate material can be sewn with the presser foot kept slightly raised. This effectively helps reduce the degree of slippage, warpage and damage of the material.

    Differential-feed micro-adjustment mechanism
    It is possible to finely adjust the differential feed amount to a best-suited value for the material to be used.

    Simplified maintenance mechanism

    The looper thread twining prevention mechanism has been improved and is provided as standard for the sewing machine.
    In the case of looper thread breakage, the looper thread twining prevention mechanism is activated to trim the looper thread before the thread twines on the looper thread cam. The externally-mounted looper thread cam promises improved maintainability

    Commercially-available gauge components are applicable with no additional work.
    As a result of the commonality of components, commercially-available components (presser foot, throat plate and needle clamp) are now applicable and easily obtainable.

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  • Juki Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine ML-111U

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    Single-thread, Chainstitch Basting Machine

    • Chainstitch is continuously formed with a single thread and by a blind looper which eliminates the need for a bobbin thread refilling. In addition, the basted seam can be easily undone.

    • High efficient basting works at a sewing speed of 1,800sti/min.

    • Chainstitch is continuously formed with a single thread and by a blind looper which eliminates the need for a bobbin thread refilling. In addition, the basted seam can be easily undone.

    • Basting works are efficiently done with a maximum stitch length of 10mm which is easily set up by a control dial.

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  • Juki Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine MP200N

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    Pinpoint Saddle Stitching Machine

    The Juki MP-200N is able to perform sewing with a reduced tension applied to the thread, thereby widening its application range. With its upgraded responsiveness to changes in materials and processes, the machine always produces beautiful and soft pinpoint stitches.

    • Pinpoint stitch machine is used for topstitching on the front facing of men’s wear, as well as front flies, pocket mouths and trouser sides, as a cost-effective topstitching machine that offers increased productivity.

    • It can be used for a wider range of applications requiring narrower to wider stitch widths.

    • Excellent seam quality, the Juki MP-200N achieves more improved sewing capabilities and a wider adjustment range.

    • Equipped with a box type feed that permits a split adjustment in both horizontal and vertical directions, thereby responding to the sewing of various types of materials.

    • The inclination of the feed dog is also adjustable in accordance to the material.

    • The accuracy of the installation of needle positions, is improved, which determines the seam quality.

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  • Juki Single Needle Chainstitch MH-481

    Juki Single Needle Chainstitch MH-481

    Juki Single Needle Drop Feed Chainstitch. MH-481

    Drop Feed / Standard Feed.

    The machine comes with a silicon oil lubricating unit, thread spreading mechanism and thread trimming mechanism which trims the thread without fail, thereby consistently ensuring beautifully-finished seams for light- to medium-weight materials.

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  • Juki Small-Cylinder-Bed Coverstitch MF7200D

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    Semi-dry-head, Small-cylinder-bed, Top and Bottom Coverstitch Machine that supports comfortable “sewing” work:

    Introducing a world-first feature –JUKI’S DRY-HEAD TECHNOLOGY

    • Preventing oil from leaking from the needle bar, presser bar and spreader shaft.

    • The needle bar mechanism and spreader mechanism have been applied with JUKI’s unique special grease for lubrication, allowing the machine’s frame mechanism to demonstrate outstanding durability without the need for oil.

    • Environmental harmfulness is reduced due to a lack of oil stains on sewing products.

    Outer circumference of the cylinder section is 176 mm!!

    • The sewing machine easily sews convent traditionally hard-to-sew small-in-diameter tubular parts such as the sleeve cuffs of sportswear and ladies’ cut-and-sewn wear and the necklines of children’s wear.

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  • Juki Two Needle Feed Arm Chainstitch MS-1190

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    Feed-off-the-arm, Double Chainstitch Machine, Double needle for light- to medium weight

    The Juki MS-1190 is capable of beautiful stitches with a soft appearance even when heavy-weight material is used & prevents puckering and stitch skipping.

    Low-tension stitching ability and improved stitching mechanism prevents puckering.

    The machine prevents stitch skipping even when it runs at high speed, ensuring high-quality products.
    With its low-tension sewing capability and the best-suited timing among the needle, looper and feed, the machine forms even stitches with consistency at all times.

    The machine is equipped as standard, with newly developed folders which enable the machine to perform stitching with consistency.
    Many different kinds of folders are prepared in accordance with the materials to be used, ranging from folders for extra heavy-weight materials to medium-weight materials.

    The machine has improved ease of operation.
    The shape of the bed has been designed to allow the operator to handle it with ease. The push-button type stitch length dial has been introduced to change the feed amount.

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