Trojan Supply Juki Buttonhole & Buttonsewer Sewing Machines.

Juki have a full range of Industrial high speed extremely durable Lockstitch & Chainstitch mechanical & programmable buttonhole & button-sewer sewing machine.
Button Sewers
Juki LK1903B
Computer-controlled,Buttonsewer Machine,Standard work horse machine..but very fast..
Juki LK1903BN Computer-controlled, High-speed, Buttonsewer Machine – latest design
Juki MB1373
Mechanical-controlled, High-speed, Buttonsewer Machine – Proven Reliability
Juki MB1377
Mechanical-controlled, High-speed, Buttonsewer Machine-Quick stitch shape changing mechanism
Button Hole
Juki LBH-1790A
Direct Drive High Speed Programmable Buttonhole – World’s Fastest
Juki LBH-780
Mechanical-controlled, Standard Buttonhole with proven record.
Juki MEB3200
Eyelet Buttonhole in the Reece 101 style but modern design.

All Juki Buttonhole & Buttonsewer’s are well designed modern machines with the legendary Juki build quality.

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