The Jack 3 Needle Feed Off The Arm JK-T9280-73-PL(1/8)

Cantilever cylindrical special structure Wide application range
Low tension stitching avoiding pucker, fit for all fabric’s such as shirt, dust coat, uniform, jeans, sportswear and so on.
Movable looper protector, easy access to loopers & looper timing to avoid skipping stitch’s modern design giving, smooth, running, balanced stitching & efficiency,
Neatly adjust the stitch size with the push button, to meet different needs of sewing. puller
Puller Feeding for materials stability.
PL puller equipment is inbuilt direct drive puller, simple structure.
PS puller equipment is external.
Jack JK-T9280-73-PS (1/8) Heavy weight fabric..
Jack JK-T9279-13-2PL (1/8) Thin / Medium fabric

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