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We carry both mechanical & electronic lockstitch buttonhole’s

Jack JK-T1790B & JK-T1792B Electronic Button Hole
Direct Dive lockstitch Button Hole
The new integrated design Direct Drive Motor.
Automatic trimmer,
Automatic presser foot lifter functions.
Maximum speed can reach 4200 RPM,
Spindle servo motor, low vibration, low noise.
High efficiency & excellent production performance.
New Design optimised for heat dissipation though hand-wheel of electronic control panel & direct drive motor. The hand-wheel is also dust proof.

JACK Buttonholing Machine JK-T781E
1-needle, Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine with Integrated Motor
JK-T781E-Q is driven by built-in servo motor, with features like automatic presser foot lifter and thread trimmer.
The integrated Direct Drive motor provides a smooth and steady operation without the noise and vibration of typical belt driven machines.
Direct drive motor saves up to 70% of electricity compared to the older motors.
Machine is equipped with easy to operate readable control panel, LED light and hand wheel with cooling fan, that reduces temperature.

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  • Jack JK-T1790BS Button Hole (Electronic)

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  • Jack JK-T1792BS Button Hole (Electronic)

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  • Jack JK-T781D Buttonholing Machine

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