The Excel JY-253 Sewing Machine offers exceptional quality at an unbeatable price point. As an industry leader with a reputable pedigree, this machine is manufactured under license from Mitsubishi, based on their renowned DY-253 model.

Setting itself apart from others in its class, the JY-253 boasts a significantly higher under the sewing arm clearance, making it ideal for handling thicker materials with ease. Its walking foot mechanism enables seamless sewing of heavier fabrics, while the hook and shuttle arrangement accommodates the use of thick, strong threads. Additionally, features like the back tack lever and stitch length adjustment further enhance its versatility and performance.

Built to last, this sewing machine is a long-term investment that promises durability and reliability. Specifically designed for the manufacturing of slings, tents, tarpaulins, harnesses, and other thick and heavy products, the JY-253 is a powerhouse in industrial sewing.

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  • EXCEL JY-253 Heavy Duty Walking Foot

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