At Trojan Sewing Machines, we offer the Global Tape Edge Mattress Sewing Machine, specifically the S300U – 194 model. This machine is based on the Singer 300U tape edger and is ideal for various sewing tasks related to mattress production.

Key features of the Global Tape Edge Mattress Machine S300U – 194 include:
Single needle
Two-thread chain-stitch
Compound feed mechanism for smooth and even feeding
Suitable for seaming, lap seaming, binding, and banding sewing of medium to heavy materials

This machine is designed to meet the specific requirements of mattress manufacturing, providing reliable and precise stitching for a variety of applications. Trust Trojan Sewing Machines to supply you with top-quality Global Tape Edge Mattress Sewing Machines, designed to enhance your productivity and deliver exceptional results in mattress production.

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  • Global S300U-194 Tape Edge Mattress Machine

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