Trojan Supply Global Sewing Machines.

Global have a large extensive range of Zig Zag sewing machines.
This range covers anything up to 12 plus different models…
From light medium to heavy & long arm flat bed & cylinder arm ,extra heavy duty machines.
Variation with in the class have large hook,pattern cam,trimmer, pneumatic foot lift.
Walking foot, Shuttle driven for heavy thread, Puller feed systems for feeding heavy weight fabrics are available.
Basically if you have a sewing operation that needs a Zig Zag sewing machine, Trojan & Global have the answers.
Global ZZ1560
Global ZZ1567
Global ZZ1567-75 AUT
Global ZZ 217
Global ZZ510
Global ZZ1260 Heavy Duty
Global ZZ1366-3S-76P Long Arm Heavy Duty
Global ZZ9567-75 Long Arm Heavy Duty

So get your self a cup of coffee look though the range. If you need help just get in touch with the experts…
If you have any additional questions, email or phone 01516779244.

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