Trojan Supply Global Coverstitch & Chainstitch Sewing Machines.

Global have 4 models in Chainstitch sewing machines. Covering 1 to 3 needles with a puller feed top model CH 5000 range….

Global have a large extensive range of Coverstitch sewing machines.
This range covers anything up to 12 different models…

From Flatbed, Cylinderarm, Trimmer, pneumatic foot & trimmer mechanisms, 4 needle top & bottom Cover,Pullers front & Rear, Side trimmer knives,

Basically if you have a sewing operation that needs a Coverseam sewing machine, Trojan & Global have the answers.

So get your self a cup of coffee look though the range. If you need help just get in touch with the experts…
If you have any additional questions, email or phone 01516779244.

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