Trojan Sell Brother Twin Needle Industrial Sewing Machines.

Brother Direct Drive Twin Needle.
Brother Direct Drive Knock Out Needle Twin Needle.
Brother Direct Drive Programmable Electronic.

Brother have made some of the most Iconic and best know Twin Needle sewing machines ever made.
Brother have 9 models in this category to cover all the bases….
Brother T8420C Standard twin,servo motor.
Brother T8421C Standard direct drive.
Brother T8422C Standard direct drive, trimmer.
Brother T8450C Standard direct drive, split needlebar.
Brother T8452C Standard direct drive, trimmer,split needlebar.
Brother T8720C Large hook,servo motor.
Brother T8722C Large hook,direct drive,trimmer.
Brother T8750C Large hook,servo motor, split needlebar.
Brother T8752C Large hook,direct drive,trimmer, split needlebar.

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