GA 767-76-373 Long Arm Compound Feed

GA 767-76-373 Long Arm Compound Feed

Here at Trojan Sewing we offer a wide range of sewing machine parts for the Kingmax GA 767-76-373 machines. We offer a various array of needle plate screws and many more product parts to choose from. All of the products and product parts that we have on offer at Trojan Sewing Machines are always to the highest possible quality and is always fairly priced against the quality. Be sure to browse the other kingmax machines that we are selling parts for to find the ideal parts for you.

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  • Needle Plate Screw 6031-01

    Brother Needle Plate Screw 691

    Throat plate screw for Brother DB2-B797 & DB2-B727

    Part number 691

    Also known as Part number 100032-001

    The Needle Plate positioning screw’s are used widely though out the industry.

     On Generally all sewing machines using a D plate / Throat Plate.

    Trojan Sewing machines Supply Equivalent Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machines. Model Trojan GC0318-1, Jack fully Electronic Model JK-6380E, & Jack JK6380 Top & Bottom Feed Lockstitch (without Needle Feed) used for Sewing Plastics,Leather and Bulky Work where the Extra Feed helps prevent ‘Ply Shifting’ and Sticking. This sewing Machine is Fitted with Large Capacity Rotary Hook Assemblies and offer Long Stitch Capability (upto7mm).


    £0.10 +VAT
  • Compound feed Tension Disc 229-21506

    This is just a selection of the parts we have available for this machine, so if you cannot see exactly what you require, take a look in the PARTS BOOK or please CALL, we will be delighted to help out.

    Tension Disc 

    For compound feed tension units including the Juki DNU-1541 & DNU-1541-7

    Part No. 229-21506

    Also Ref No. 244048

    Trojan Sewing machines Supply Equivalent Needle Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machines. Model Trojan GC0618-1SC, GC20618-1

    £1.30 +VAT
  • Sewing Machine Oil 1 Liter

    1 Litre of Industrial Sewing Machine Oil.

    Part number 1L-Oil

    Water white Non-Hazardous BHT free Synthetic Oil.

    Ideal for most industrial sewing machines with a self oiling pump mechanism due to its low viscosity.

    Excellent for use in application where oil may come into contact with fabrics.

    If you have a sewing machine you are going to need oil…


    £7.60 +VAT
  • Walking Foot Needles 135×16-120RTW

    Excellent quality German needles by a name you can trust.

    This needle is for use on Leather / PVC / all man made material’s that are not woven.

    Schmetz system RTW = Reverse Twist Point.

    Needles are sold in qty’s of packs of 10 or box of 100.

    Thread suitable for this needle: 69 Bonded Nylon – Metric 40’s Thread – V30

    Needle system: 135×16 RTW.

    These high quality leather needles by Schmetz are optimized for heavy, dry and hard leather. The blade cuts fibers so that the needle does not have to separate them.
    This makes them ideal for all types of leather and best for decorative seams. The RTW can be used for the manufacture of leather footwear through to bags. Used on most walking foot sewing machines that take the 135X17 needle system.

    There is no such thing as a cheap needle. That’s exactly what they are – cheap !They are just inferior quality. The needle is the first point of contact between your machine and your product, so never compromise on quality-when you choose the needle for your job. WE only use, Distribute & Recommend SCHMETZ Needles.

    £3.85 +VAT