Jack JK-798D overlock

Trojan Sewing Machines,
We offer a wide range of Industrial Sewing Machine Parts for the Jack JK-789D series of Overlock. Needle Plate Screws ,Tweezers loopers, knives,etc. Be sure to keep up to date for the latest product parts that will be added
All of the product parts we sell at Trojan Sewing Machines are always of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced. Be sure to browse our many other product parts that we have at Trojan Sewing.

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  • Curved De-Luxe Tweezers TWE6

    £1.93 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Chainstitch Looper 20712047

    £11.70 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Direct Drive Motor JK-2073301000

    £74.00 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Lower Knife 20119002

    £0.90 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Needle Screw 207S14014

    £0.20 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Tension Assembly 400662

    £6.00 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Upper Knife 20119001

    £2.10 +VAT
  • Jack JK-798D Upper Looper 20717004

    £11.99 +VAT
  • Jack Jk-798D Upper Looper 20717006

    £11.71 +VAT
  • Jack Thread Tension Assembly 400161

    £5.99 +VAT
  • Oil 1 Litre Sewing Machine

    £7.90 +VAT
  • Overlock Waste Chute 20131094

    £14.02 +VAT
  • Overlock Waste Chute 201346A

    £3.99 +VAT