Trojan 20"Long Arm Heavy Duty GW-8BL20/GW-28BL20

Trojan 20"Long Arm Heavy Duty GW-8BL20/GW-28BL20

Trojan 20″ long Arm heavy duty GW-8BL20 & GW-28BL20 are two machines that are base on the Seiko JW-8BL and JW-28BL20 range, with interchangeable parts. Here at Trojan Sewing UK We can supply off the shelf parts to back up both the twin needle 28BL and the single needle 8BL. This long arm model is 20″ in length.

Here are some of the parts we have: Extra large Capacity anti spin bobbins. Check spring.Twin needle gauge sets from 1/4″ to 1-3/4″ Inner & outer presser feet, both for the twin needle & single needle walking foot machines. Hook drive gears. Needle bar, Timing drive belt. Extra large vertical axis hook. Clutch pulley assembly complete.

Feed dogs & Needle plate sets. Sewing machine oil always in stock.

All of the product parts that we have at Trojan Sewing Machines are of the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced.

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  • Heavy Duty Flat Bed Trojan GW-8BL20/GW-28BL20

    Long-arm Single/ Double-needle Sewing Machine for Thick Material with Comprehensive Feeding

    Model Numbers GW-8BL20 Single needle and GW-28BL20 Double needle.

    Heavy Duty Flat Bed Machine for thick materials with comprehensive feeding, which adopts large-scale and post-bed type rotating shuttle to conduct thread hooking and slider bar take-up.

    Upper and bottom shaft are supported by bearings and driven by synchronous cog belts.

    Synchronisation of feeding mode of needle bar swing together with presser and feed dog.

    These machines are especially suitable for vehicle equipment such as seat cushions, seat belts and air bag restraint systems, as well as for use on larger equipment such as outdoor tents and parachutes.

    Smooth and light transmission on comprehensive performance, low noise, high durability, large operating space and equipped with overloaded on-off device protecting the rotating shuttle are also features of these machines. 

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  • Typical Feed Dog 6K2-054

    Seiko SK-2B Feed Dog CS-1376

    Seiko SK-2 Heavy Duty Feed Dog / Teeth.

    Feed No CS-1376

    Plate  Part No CS-1380

    Screws Part No 1381

    Also known as Singer part Number 97625

    Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Heavy Duty Walking Foot Machines.

    Model Excel JY-253.

    All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.

    £5.00 +VAT
  • Sewing Machine Oil 1 Liter

    1 Litre of Industrial Sewing Machine Oil.

    Part number 1L-Oil

    Water white Non-Hazardous BHT free Synthetic Oil.

    Ideal for most industrial sewing machines with a self oiling pump mechanism due to its low viscosity.

    Excellent for use in application where oil may come into contact with fabrics.

    If you have a sewing machine you are going to need oil…


    £7.60 +VAT
  • Typical Needle Clamp Screw 6K1-002

    Singer Needle Clamp Screw 156

    Needle Clamp Screw.

    For Singer 132K Will fit all generic copy machines….

    Part No. 156

    Also known as 8059

    Trojan Sewing Machines Supply Equivalent Walking Foot Machines.

    Model Excel JY-253.

    All with modern designs and the latest technology. All competitively priced.

    £2.90 +VAT
  • Two Thread Sewing Machine Cotton Stand FPL02

    Two Spool Thread Stand for Highlead 

    Part number FPL02 Also known as Part number KW40-2B & 150160-001

    This style will hold large bobbins of thread and is the Industry standard cotton stand.  

    Trojan Sewing machines Supply Equivalent Top & Bottom Feed Walking Foot Lockstitch Machines. Model Trojan GC0318-1, Jack fully Electronic Model JK-6380E, & Jack JK6380 Top & Bottom Feed Lockstitch (without Needle Feed) used for Sewing Plastics,Leather and Bulky Work where the Extra Feed helps prevent ‘Ply Shifting’ and Sticking. This sewing Machine is Fitted with Large Capacity Rotary Hook Assemblies and offer Long Stitch Capability (upto7mm).

    £12.50 +VAT