Trojan GK26-1A Sack Stitcher

Here at Trojan Sewing Machines, we have a wide range of industrial sewing machine product parts for the Trojan GK26-1A Sack Stitcher. Some of the product parts that we have are; Needles, Cotton Stands, Feed Dogs, Holding Screws, Loopers, Motor Pulleys, Motor Brush Caps, Moving Knifes, Needle Bar Guards,many more product parts are available to choose from. All of the product parts that we sell are always to the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced.

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  • 2 Thread Industrial Sewing Machine Cotton Stand KW40-2B

    £12.50 +VAT
  • Bag / Sack Stitcher Heavy Duty Spring Balance A962H

    £83.00 +VAT
  • Bench Metal Hinge Rubber HA307J0671

    £1.99 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Drive Pulley 241092

    £12.60 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Drive Pulley Fixing Screws 3/16S28001

    £0.96 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Eye Guard 245571

    £4.42 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Nut For Oil Pipe 1N4

    £1.98 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Oil Pipe 245461

    £3.20 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Oil Pump Assembly D03003

    £17.65 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Oil Pump Holding Screw 6S5X15

    £1.79 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Toothed Drive Belt F01001

    £5.71 +VAT
  • Newlong NP-7A Toothed Drive Belt F01002

    £5.71 +VAT
  • Oil Felt 245541

    £3.23 +VAT
  • Rest Peg Plastic 100477-001

    £3.14 +VAT
  • Spring Balance Heavy Duty Hanging Hook A947

    £9.35 +VAT