Walking Foot Leather Point Needles 135x16

At Trojan Sewing Machines, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of industrial sewing machine products and parts, including high-quality needles designed specifically for walking foot machines.

Our walking foot 135×16 sewing machine needles are essential for ensuring smooth and precise stitching on a variety of materials, particularly when working with leather and other heavy-duty fabrics. These needles are engineered to withstand the rigors of sewing thick materials while maintaining excellent stitch quality.

Despite the variation in sizes, our 135×16 needles consistently deliver outstanding performance and durability. Whether you’re sewing leather garments, upholstery, or accessories, you can trust these needles to meet your needs.

As with all our products, we prioritize quality and affordability. We’re committed to providing sewing enthusiasts and professionals with access to top-notch products at fair prices, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Choose Trojan Sewing Machines for all your industrial sewing needs, and experience the difference that quality needles can make in your projects.

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