Industrial Sewing Machine Needles 135x5

Here at Trojan Sewing Machines, we have the best range of industrial sewing machine products and parts to choose from. The Plain Sewing 135×5 sewing machine needles are the must own needles for a wide array of plain sewer machines. Despite the different variations in the size of the needles, their quality does not differ. The different sizes that we have are; 134-100 plain sewer needles, 134-110 plain sewer needles, 134-120 plain sewer needles, 134-130 plain sewer needles, 134-140 plain sewer needles, 134-160 Plain Sewer Needles and a wide array of 134-SES needles. All of the products and product parts that we have are of the highest possible quality and is always fairly priced.

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