TROJAN deliver a superb Industrial Blindstitch Machine

For adoption of Blind stitch mode, the sewn stitch is invisible from the surface of the fabric therefore maintaining the Curtain hem & clothes hems neat and elegant appearance.
With 3 different designs of blind hemmer, we feel we can help you, get the hemmer best suited to your requiments.
Industrial fixed arm CM600, this is by far the most commonly used class of Industrial hemmer.
Industrial Movable Arm H-718 If you are hemming curtains or any heavyer fabrics this is the machine for you.
Desk top / Portable CM500 If space is an issue this is the hemmer for you. Extreamly pratical machine.

Be sure to click here to read the various specifications of the various Blind Stitch / Hemmer machines. Alternately email or phone us on 0151-677-9244.

  • CM500 Trojan Blind Hemmers

    £226.00 +VAT
  • CM600 Trojan Blind Hemmers

    £599.00 +VAT
  • Global BM 360 Blindstitch Standard

    Call for Price
  • Global BM 361-31 Fine / Light Material Blindstitch

    Call for Price
  • Global BM 9210 Portable Blindstitch

    Call for Price
  • Global BM 9260-1 Belt Loop Blindstitch

    Call for Price
  • Global BM 9280 Blindstitch

    Call for Price
  • Global BM 9352 Double Plunger Blindstitch

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  • H-718 Blind Hemmer/Blind stitch

    £1,250.00 +VAT