Chainmail Glove come in 6 sizes from extra large to petite. The glove is a heath and safety must, when using powered cloth cutting Straight knives of any size from 5″ to 12″. Plus cloth cutting Round knives of any size.

All gloves are C.E. Approved. All are ambidextrous. Simply turn inside out to fit on the opposite hand.
Finest stainless steel glove, based on ergonomic design
Feel more comfortable and not get tired easier
Can promote working efficiency more

Wearing a chainmail glove is a lot easier than loosing a finger or worse…

All of the product parts and accessories that we offer our customers are always to the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced.

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  • Chain Mail Glove Extra Large

    £55.00 +VAT
  • Chain Mail Glove Extra Small

    £55.00 +VAT
  • Chain Mail Glove Large

    £55.00 +VAT
  • Chain Mail Glove Medium

    £55.00 +VAT
  • Chain Mail Glove Petite

    £55.00 +VAT
  • Chain Mail Glove Small

    £55.00 +VAT