Straight knife Blades & Teflon coated blades come in sizes from 5 inch to 12 inch. Trojan Sewing Great Britain has in stock all sizes for you cutting machine. We carry the blades that fit the Eastman KM and Dayang makes. This style of blade has been universally adopted for most makes of straight knife cutting machines.

Cutting knives are measured by their cutting edge length. Not the overall length.

Trojan Sewing can also supply wavey blades for use on two speed straight knife cutting machines for cutting low temperature melting point man made fabrics. Such as PVC and nylon type fabrics.

All of the product parts and accessories that we offer our customers are always to the highest possible quality and are always fairly priced.

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  • 10″ Straight Knife 10E

    £5.50 +VAT
  • 12″ Straight Knife 12E

    £5.50 +VAT
  • 13″ Straight Knife 13E

    £5.50 +VAT
  • 15″ Straight Knife 15E

    £4.90 +VAT
  • 5″ Straight Knife KD191

    £3.29 +VAT
  • 6″ Straight Knife 6E

    £3.30 +VAT
  • 8″ Straight Knife 8E

    £3.54 +VAT