Newlong NP7-A

The Newlong Bag Stitchers, particularly the NP-7A model, stand out as industry-leading handheld bag stitchers. Renowned for their exceptional quality and competitive pricing, these machines offer unmatched performance. With a proven track record of usage in various working environments worldwide, they have established themselves as the go-to choice for bag stitching applications.

The NP-7A bag stitcher is perfectly suited for closing a wide range of bags, including PVC, jute, polypropylene, and woven bags or sacks. It sets the standard against which other machines are measured, making it an essential tool for manufacturers involved in sack closing.

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  • Bag / Sack Stitcher Heavy Duty Spring Balance A962H

    £83.00 +VAT
  • Bagstitcher Food Grade Thread A945

    £1.95 +VAT
  • Bagstitcher Food Grade Thread Blue A945-B

    £2.25 +VAT
  • Crepe Tape Roll CA-90

    £6.75 +VAT
  • Newlong Bag / Sack Closing NP-7A

    £480.00 +VAT
  • Spring Balance Heavy Duty Hanging Hook A947

    £9.35 +VAT