Trojan Sewing Machines Applications / Apparel / Men’s and Boys

Trojan Sewing Machines carry an extensive range for the manufacturing of men’s & boys clothing. We have sewing machines to cover every facet & design for light and medium fabrics such as shirts and trousers, to heavy materials such as jeans and jackets.

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  • Bartack & Programmable Pattern Sewer Jack JK-T1900BSK

    Jack JK-T1900-BSK

    The Jack Multi Function electronic Bartack.

    Bartacking and Lockstitch Button attaching Plus Pattern Sewer can be transferred easily. Increase efficiency and saving cost.

    Shuttle hook cover is mid-concave design, small size fabric also easy to feed.

    Sewing Area max 30mm length X 40mm width 

    Maximum for 200 patterns. with USB key, easy to add patterns and upgrade.

    Electronic thread tension device

    Beautiful stitch Electronic thread tension device is effective to avoid thread breakage, drop thread when start sewing, problem of tightness of thread and so on, which makes sure of beautiful stitch.

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  • Brother Electric eyelet Button Hole RH-9820

    Brother Electronic eyelet button hole RH-9820

    Brother RH-9820 Electronic eyelet button hole sewing machine

    Feed mechanism and needle bar rotating mechanism servo-controlled, for sewing accuracy & sewing speed.

    New in-house developed electronics & user friendly control box.

    21st century machine casting with low energy usage.

    Brother are working hard to give a quality finish trouble free Eyelet Industrial button hole machine.

    Used though out the world on, Jackets, suits / men,s & women,s Jeans, Trousers

    Cut before or cut after easily activated

    With Built in programmable Eyelet Button Hole, Straight Button Hole, Circular Stitch eyelet.

    Less sewing troubles with a new hook, enhancing the sewing finishes.
    Comfortable sewing and high energy saving have been realized with
    a new original motor and control box developed in-house.

    • Beautiful sewing finishes

    • Operator-friendly

    • Environment-conscious

    • High Productivity


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  • Jack JK-T1377E Chain Stitch Button Sewer

    Chain Stitch Button Sewer Jack JK-T1377E

    Electronic Button Sewer Jack JK-T1377E

    Three different stitch patterns to sew the button on

    Just turn the switching pattern adjustment handle that can easily be reached.

    Direct drive energy saving motor

    Integrated electronic control, automatic parking, speed adjustable and saving up to 71%.

    Low vibration, low noise and more environmentally friendly.

    Smart Configuration saving and efficient

    Automatic presser foot and automatic thread trimming by electromagnet control… more stable than mechanical gearing.

    LCD Operational panel. Which is easy to use.

    Operator panel keys can be easily selected from a number of stitches, various parameter and stitch pattern settings.

    Built in LED lights

    Ensures accurate threading and well light work area.


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  • Computerized Lockstitch with Edge Trimming JACK JK-5559WE

    Here it is a brand new Computerized Edge Trimmer Lockstitch designed machine for the 21st century.

    Operational Panel is easy to understand.

    Direct Drive Motor, With cooling fan decreases the temperature of the motor,extending the lifetime of the machine,

    Auto Foot Lift

    Under Bed Trimmer

    Auto Back Tacks

    LED Needle Light

    (She’ll be running for years).

    Oh! We think this Edge Trimmer lockstitch is well designed & well put together.

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  • Computerized Semi-Dry Lockstitch JACK A4S

    Jack A4S

    Here it is a brand new Computerized Lockstitch designed machine for the 21st century.

    Operational Panel is easy to understand, No Need to be Afraid of the parameters.

    Direct Drive Motor, With cooling fan decreases the temperature of the motor,extending the lifetime of the machine,

    (She’ll be running for years)

    Oil is stored in the sealed pan which is integrated into the machine head, effectively prevents oil leakage and oil staining.

    User – Friendly German design. Half Stitch, back stitch and 3 Led light setting Auto Foot Lift,trims the cotton, runs in oil. 

    Integrated System Clean and Safe. All connections & plugs of the control box are well located & tidied up at the back.


    Equipped with auto foot lift, auto underbed trimmer, auto backtack, stitch counter and fully lubricated with sealed oil pad.

    Optimised thread take-up and feeding mechanism enlarge the sewing range, suitable for various kinds of fabrics like jeans, yarn and lace.

    USB port to plug in your phone, small fan, etc, and also to access upgrades for A4’s software in the future.

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  • Four Thread Overlock JACK JK-789D-4

    Jack JK-789D-4

    High Speed Direct Drive 4 Thread High Speed Overlock.

    Integrated power saving motor

    Adjustable speed. Ease of use, Ease of threading built into this modern designed overlock.

    The 4 thread overlock has become the machine of choice for all stretch fabrics.

    Oil Supply System Optimisation. Fully enclosed needle bar mechanism & oil return mechanism, improve the condition of needle bar abrasion & oil leaking.

    Push-button. Stitch Length control.

    Differential feed control allowing flat pucker free seams on difficult fabrics.

    Built in Led Light. No more struggling with problematic machines. The Jack JK-798D is a

    pleasure to use. Silent motor & reliable machine.

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  • Global Belt Loop Blindstitch BM 9260-1

    Global Class Hemmer BM 9260-1

    Global Hemmer BM 9260-1 is built around the very successful American Lewis 150 hemmer.

    Global BM 9260-1 Single thread

    Global BM 9260-2 Two thread

    Blindstitch Belt loop machine.

    The fabric is first cut to size by two knives, then passes through a folder and sewn by single thread blindstitch to produce a perfect 10 mm double belt loop.

    Suited to classic men’s and women’s wear.

    Also available in two thread version (BM 9260-2)

    Formica Table Top 105 x 55 x 4cm

    Stand can be supplied with / without castors

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  • Global Blindstitch BM 9280

    Global Class Hemmer BM 9280

    Global Hemmer BM 9280 is built around the very successful American Lewis 150 hemmer.

    Global BM 9280

    With this high speed blind stitch machine the waistband linings are attached on european-style trousers (blind stitch seam lies on top of the waistband seam).

    Due to the spring-loaded presser foot, this machine overcomes the change of thickness free of marks E.G. at cross seams, pocket bags.

    Formica Table Top 105 x 55 x 4cm

    Stand can be supplied with / without castors

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  • Global Standard Blindstitch BM-360

    Global Blindstitch Standard BM 360

    Global Class Hemmer BM 360

    Global Hemmer BM 360 is built around the very successful Mauser Spezial 68 hemmer.

    Global BM 360 Blind Hemmer is great for turning up fabrics where a near on invisible stitch on one side of the fabric is required.

    Global BM 360  Blind Hemmer is ideal for Tailors, Home Alterations, Dry Cleaners & Curtain Makers etc.

    Machine is equipped with skip stitch mechanism.

    Fixed Arm

    Can be supplied with standard clutch motor, Servo Motor with / with out Syncroiser.

    Formica Table Top 105 x 55 x 4cm

    Stand can be supplied with / with out castors

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  • Global Double Plunger Blindstitch BM 9352

    Global Industrial Sewing Machine BM 9000 Series:

    Global BM 9352

    High speed blindstitch machine machine equipped with:

    • Independent adjustable plungers, double plungers 

    • For sewing over cross seams on medium/ heavy materials

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  • Jack 5559G Computerised Lockstitch Machine

    Here it is, Jack’s 1-needle bottom feed lockstitch machine for the 21st century.

    This machine is built for sewing items of clothing such as: collars, cuffs and pocket welts and is complete with:

    Automatic functions including thread trimmer, auto presser foot lifter, auto bartacking and needle positioning.

    Edge Trimmer (1/8 inch = 3.2 mm) and automatic functions. 

    Direct drive energy-saving motor guaranteeing quiet and reliable operation and lower power consumption.

    Easy to use operating panel voice information and up to 3-level intensity 3 LED light.

    USB port allowing connection to external devices and central lubrication (traditional oil sump).

    Oh! We think this lockstitch is well designed & well put together at the right price.


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  • Juki 3-Needle 2 Chainstitch Machine MS3580

    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine

    Feed-off-the-arm, 3-needle Double Chainstitch Machine

    This Juki MS-3580 Series demonstrates increased feed efficiency to handle extra heavy weight 16-ply denim. Engineered with extra feeding strength for seaming the inside of jeans:


    Smooth, efficient feeding of extra heavy weight 16-Ply, 14 oz denim for seaming inside seams.

    Strong feeding mechanism of the puller
    The puller incorporates a one-way clutch mechanism which contributes to consistent feeding of the material. (The mechanical part is protected by a cover for added safety.)

    Thread take-up device which helps produce even stitches with consistency
    The feeding amount of needle thread is automatically adjusted to the pressure foot height during sewing, thereby producing even stitches with consistency.

    The machine has been designed to achieve the best possible ease of threading.
    When the looper pushbutton (*) located on the operator side of the top of the machine head is pushed, the tip of the looper moves downward to allow the operator to thread the machine head with ease.

    The differential feed adjusting lever is located on the front face of the machine head.
    The differential feed adjusting lever can be adjusted even during sewing, thereby effectively preventing cloth slippage between two plies.

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